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While finishing his thesis in his last year of Engineering, Javier Donoso received a proposal from a Taiwanese businessman that allowed him to undertake, with his "sustainable seafood business plan" developed at the university. Thus, in 1993 he founded Geomar, starting up a seafood processing plant in southern Chile, where he leased an old processing plant and set up operations very close to the areas where artisanal fishermen work. Javier bought second-hand canning machines and with just one customer, Geomar started its operations processing and selling canned seafood for a Taiwanese company.

Since its Foundation, Javier established the main values ​​of the company, which make Geomar products sustainable, naturally delicious and nutritious. These are the rules and limits that define Geomar's culture and provide the final behaviors and decisions that everyone in the company should or should not make.

Today the company produces more than 15 value-added products, including Spider Crab, Locos, Erizos, Pink Clams, Navajuelas and Salmon, among others. It exports to more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe and America under its own brand, positioning Geomar as a global benchmark in the niche of sustainable seafood for the gourmet canned market.

"At Geomar, our purpose is to produce seafood with the highest quality in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, educating our fishermen and inspiring other entrepreneurs to have a total commitment to the planet"



Javier Donoso founded Geomar in 1993 while completing his Engineering Degree at the University. To do this, it moved from the capital of Chile -Santiago- to Coronel, one of the poorest regions in southern Chile, to start up Geomar's first canning plant. From the beginning, Javier established a business model working directly with communities of artisanal fishermen, helping to improve their quality of life, ensuring access to natural resources in a sustainable way and focusing the business on nutritious products with high added value. His greatest current responsibility is the strategic direction of the company and finding the key people for the future development of the company, which in his own words should be “simple, responsible people, with the courage and perseverance to want to face opportunities and challenges of life in the correct way ”.


Rodrigo Abatte joined the company in July 2017. He has more than 15 years of experience in food companies, and in a short time he has managed to generate important links with the company's executive team, participating in the execution of the global strategy of company sales. He has a Master's in Business Administration and is currently a Commercial Manager at GEOMAR. Rodrigo has been linked to nature from a very young age, developing a great passion for growing fruit trees, so he dedicates his spare time to his family and the harvest of his field in southern Chile.


Camila Tejos joined the company in 2006, fresh out of university as an intern and has developed a successful career with the company, going through different positions in the areas of accounting, management and operations. She has a Master of Business Administration and is currently GEOMAR's Finance Manager. Camila showed a passion for tennis from a very young age, a sport she practiced until she became among the best in the national ranking, an experience that has helped her face life with perseverance and effort. Today she follows the leaders of this sport in the world since, along with football, they are her favorite sports.


Stephen Blanchard joined the company in 2012. He has 30 years of experience working in the fishing industry in Chile and New Zealand, primarily as a Plant Manager. He has a Master's in Food Engineering and is currently the Operations Manager of GEOMAR. Steve, like all New Zealanders, is a fanatic of Rugby, a sport he practiced for many years and which undoubtedly taught him to face the great challenges of his life with courage and fairplay. Steve raised his family in Chile where he was motivated to seek his professional challenges that he happily develops today at Geomar.


Dean Hrabar joined the company in May 2021. He has more than 25 years of experience in commercial and export roles in various industries, including 15 years in the wine industry. He leads the company’s management of exports and marketing and participates in developing new products and markets. He has a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and International Business and is currently the Marketing and Business Development Manager of GEOMAR. Dean, originally from Australia, followed his passion for international work and travel, which led him to Chile to learn Spanish, where he decided to stay to raise his family. He now enjoys working with the team at GEOMAR to grow its business worldwide.

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