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Spoons of Trout Lemon Pepper, avocado and "pipirrana"
pineapple and mint, it is an easy and fresh recipe...special for this summer.

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Crudités with Smoked Mussels aioli

You can't go wrong with a plate of snacks with vegetables and sauces. This recipe uses smoked olive oil from the can of Cole's Smoked Mussels, to give even more flavor to the aioli.

Suck of Pink Clams & Pumpkin

A perfect, comforting and delicious recipe with canned Pink Clams to enjoy during the fall!

Chilean Abalone on avocado cream

A surprisingly good combination! Avocados, mayonnaise, softened butter, lemon juice and some small capers, finished with a little cabbage ferment


Created with Passion and Perfection

Whether for a quick, comforting meal or to impress your guests with an elegant entrée, our soups are the perfect choice. Elevate your culinary moments with the distinction of Geomar Seafood.

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