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Our history

"At Geomar our purpose is to produce the highest quality seafood products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, while advising our fishermen on the conservation and care of the species and inspiring other entrepreneurs to have a total commitment to the planet." 

Francisco Javier Donoso / Chief Executive Officer


We love our oceans as much as we enjoy their treasures. Our products are caught by Chilean fishermen who use environmentally friendly methods, from traps to diving. We are committed to sustainability, working to preserve the balance of marine ecosystems.


At Geomar, our essence is woven with the stories and work of over 400 fishermen. We work hand in hand with these communities, composed of around 1,600 individuals, to strengthen their lives and promote sustainable fishing practices.

We are proud to say that every fish and seafood that reaches your table is the result of artisanal fishing methods that respect
the environment.

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