FAQs - Geomar


1.- What is the origin of the products (raw material)?

All Geomar canned products are only produced with raw material from the Pacific Ocean of Chile (FAO 87).

2.- How responsibly does GEOMAR source its fish and shellfish?

Geomar only buys seafood products that come from Chilean fishermen who operate smaller vessels in national waters. Fishermen catch fish and shellfish with certain equipment that is not harmful to the environment; including traps, nets, spinels and also by diving. Whatever the method, artisanal capture in Chile is scientifically monitored and supervised regionally under international standards by the National Fisheries Service. 

3.- Do I need to cook the cans?

All Geomar canned products are READY TO EAT. They are all cooked in the can as part of the canning process and can be eaten straight from the can, without the need for additional cooking.

4.-Does GEOMAR use genetically modified (GM) ingredients in any of its products?

No, we don't!

5.- What is Omega 3 and why is the Omega 3 content higher in GEOMAR products?

Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect us against different diseases such as cancer, asthma, depression and vascular conditions, among others.
Our canned products are rich in Omega 3, since we cook our products only once, in the can, thus preserving all their natural oils. Other canning brands may cook the raw material before putting it in the can, and then add the topping, losing much of its nutritional value.

6.- Does GEOMAR use BPA in cans?

At GEOMAR, the health of our customers is of the highest priority and that is why we only purchase cans that strictly comply with FDA guidelines and European regulations. The manufacturers, which we purchase from our cans, do not use BPA in the can formulation or in the lid liners.

7.- What is the shelf life of GEOMAR canned products?

All of our products have at least 4 years of shelf life from the date of production.

8.- How long can I store an open GEOMAR can?

Once opened, the remaining product should be placed in a separate sealed container outside the can and immediately refrigerated. The product must be used within 1-2 days.

9 .- Does GEOMAR have certifications?

Our plant operates under the HACCP system and has also been certified by the USA (FDA number 10210884682) and the European Community (EC number 08318) guaranteeing the origin, process and quality of our products. In addition, GEOMAR has the exclusive BRC (British Retail Consortium, N ° 1190023) and IFS (International Featured Standard, N ° 54030) certifications, which ensure the highest international safety and quality standards of all our processes.

10 .- Why does GEOMAR not have MSC certification?

We are currently working to achieve this certification. In Chile, this type of certification takes a long time to be obtained, but we are partnering with other entities that will help us achieve this goal.

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