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Committed to sustainability

¿What are sustainable seafood products?

Sustainable seafood products are fish and shellfish caught by fishermen for human consumption, under the monitoring of sustainable fishing systems which regulate the stock of fish and shellfish along with the ecosystem that supports them. The demand for fish and shellfish is growing rapidly and supplies from wild capture fisheries have remained constant for 20 years; the ocean has given us what it could. Consequently, the future of sustainable seafood must include the cultivation and controlled wild harvest of fish and shellfish. Based on the above, at Geomar we produce from both sources.

¿Is your fishing harmful to the environment?

Geomar only buys seafood products that come from Chilean fishermen who operate smaller vessels in national waters. Fishermen catch fish and shellfish with certain equipment that is not harmful to the environment; including traps, nets, spinels and also by diving. Fishing methods and operations vary depending on the species and the area in which they are caught. For example, a fisherman can set traps at the bottom of the sea to extract crabs or dive to manually extract Chilean Abalone. Whatever the method, artisanal capture in Chile is scientifically monitored and supervised regionally under international standards by the National Fisheries Service. Catches are supervised under science-based management plans developed by the authorities, using the best available scientific information based on stock assessment. By law, Chilean seafood must be caught in accordance with fisheries management plans that prevent predation; respecting the closures of protected products and identifying and preserving the habitat of marine fauna.

¿How Geomar contributes to sustainable fishing?

When we talk about sustainability, it is not enough for us to work on having a stock of healthy fish and shellfish, thus only reducing our impact on the planet. We believe that it is also necessary; educate and promote responsible catching in artisanal fishing communities.

¿How does Geomar contribute to the fishing community?

We actively work with more than 400 fishermen in Chile, which involves communities of approximately 1.600 people, helping them improve their quality of life and develop their capacities for a correct sustainable approach. Our commitment to the fishing community is also focused on ensuring fair trade practices at all levels of the supply chain. The FAIR TRADE USA certification gives consumers the confidence that each purchase of Geomar products has a real positive impact on the lives of our fishermen and workers.

For more information about Fair Trade certification visit www.fairtradecertified.org

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